On the cover of our Fall 2018 issue, you’ll find Ty Peterson holding a Frontside Pivot on the narrow lip of a rigid wave set on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton’s River Valley, shot by Jeff Thorburn. Scroll down for a taste of what you’ll find in this issue that’s on it’s way to skateboard shops now.

Spy Cam

Featuring Tom Nelner, Dustin Henry, Taylor Senft, Steve Graham, and more.

Cody Beaudry

Interview and photos by Nathan Stripp

“I really love all the classic Nintendo games though. The N64 Legend of Zelda series and Mario 64 are my favourite to play. I’ve beaten those games at least 500 times. I still play them at least once a month.  The Pokemon series is a close second.”

Zander Mitchell

Interview and photos by Jacee Juhasz

“He was smoking something in the corner of the park at one point and then just started charging towards me with the craziest look in his eyes. I tried to skate away but he was too fast, so I ran across the street. He grabbed my board and yelled, “Mine now!” I had to follow him for like 15 blocks, he was trying to skate my board and trying to push mongo going really slow and kept falling. He kept smashing it on trees and parking meters.”

On The Road Again

with Adam Hopkins

“While cleaning it out, we lifted up a rock and there was a scorpion. Then we found a cat skull. Then there was a cow femur that we pulled out of the water, and the water stunk. I had my T-shirt tied around my mouth and my face, and we had these buckets and we didn’t have gloves, so we were just taking buckets and just digging out sludge, picking up big blocks of concrete and throwing them over the edge.”

Plus: The Backstory with Lee Yankou; Cole Nowicki’s Walk the Planche column; There Will Be Books with Evan Hay and Kyle Nickoshie; a look at Alien’s Kootenay oasis, Driftopia; and much more.