Jesse Landen – Video Life

This weekend I caught up with Jesse Landen and he told me a little bit about his past year and ride! I asked him if he would be down to share his story with us along with his new video part so here we go in Jesse’s words:

“At the end of 2019 I went on a little euro trip with my friends and got some clips, so at 36 years old I claimed hard “I’m gonna film another part!” Basically immediately after that Covid hit and it was impossible to travel to film so I had to try to make the best of the greater Toronto area skate spots. (which is way harder than I remembered!)

Fast forward to the start of 2021 and my father was put on the organ donor list for having cirrhosis of the liver due to his diabetes and when I was checked out by the doctors to see if I could be a possible liver donor, I learned that I too had some liver issues myself. I was diagnosed with “mild fatty liver” which I’m sure my skater eating/drinking lifestyle had led me to and I was deemed an unsuitable doner.. I’ve never been one to consider myself a huge partier but after 15 years those 3-8 tall cans per day certainly appear to have caught up with me. Although my condition was considered reversible, it would take 3-6 month of lifestyle changes for me to be allowed to be tested again. So basically, I decided I was gonna quit drinking and start skating as hard as I could to get healthy. I even took some time off work and basically made a goal of getting healthy and finishing a video part at the same time. Luckily, after 6 months of skating and sobriety in late October I had recovered from my own fatty liver issue and after much more testing I was cleared to donate to my father. On December 13th I’m scheduled to donate 70% of my liver to my father John. For anyone who doesn’t know, the liver is able to regenerate itself and grow back to its original size as long as there is no permanent scarring (cirrhosis).

Although I feel physical anguish thinking about some of the tricks I attempted and couldn’t get in time for this project. I’m just happy to be given this time to reconnect with my love of skateboarding and feel fortunate to be able to finish another video part at all.”