San Francisco Light

Late February 2020 the first WordZine trip took place with 21 skateboarders from Canada heading down to release WordZine #4 ‘The California Edition’ in San Francisco.

The release party went off without a hitch at Theives Tavern and the rest of the trip was also epic in it’s own right.

The crew made up of half Toronto and half Vancouver heads worked out perfect and like any skate trip of this size, created memories that will last a lifetime.

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Filmed and edited by Trent Krueger, with additional filming by Chris Fitzsimmons and Taylor Epperson.

Featuring: Luke Schering, Andrew Hunt, Shawn Slob, Bryce Brink, Sam Flude, Carter Grandin, Nathaniel Dean, Tyjae Armstrong, Giggles, Nathan Stripp, Chris Fitzsimmons, Cody Beaudry, Jon Pie, and Isaac Walker.

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