The Human Condition Vol. 6

Night activa. The term vita activa (active life) – distinguishing it from vita contemplativa (contemplative life). Ancient philosophers insisted upon the superiority of the vita contemplativa, for which the vita activa merely provided necessities. Karl Marx flipped the hierarchy, claiming that the vita contemplativa is merely a superstructure on the fundamental basic life-processes of a society. Arendt’s thesis is that the concerns of the vita activa are neither superior nor inferior to those of the vita contemplativa, nor are they the same. The vita activa may be divided into three sorts of activities: labor, work and action. Music by Big Smoke Brass. Toronto Skateboarding 2020. Featuring Josh Edwards, Dillyn Horne, Sean St. Jacques, Will Baigent, Pat Dysart, Josh Forgues and Matt Roberts . Thank you to L’etat Skateboards And Hammer skate shop for the ongoing support. FEELREELGOOD2020

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