Vans Europe Presents: 6 1/2 Hours

Vans Scandinavia is excited to drop 6 ½ Hours – the latest video from Copenhagen/Malmö-based rider, Samuel Norgren.

The title ‘6 ½ (Hours)’ came from the approximative duration of one day in Copenhagen and Malmö at this time of the year. With rain on the program most days, temperatures rarely exceeding 0°C and the sun setting around 3:30PM, you really have to be dedicated to go out and skate.

Although there’s only a certain amount of hail, snow and rain a skateboarder can take.For most skateboarders based in Scandinavia, the annual trip(s) to South is sort of a ritual.Samuel and his comrades at Poetic Collective have a certain love affair with France, and to carry on the series of trips they did in Paris, Samuel flew to Bordeaux to link with friends and fellow Vans team-mates Quentin Boillon and Gary Beesley. A well needed dose of sun & warmth indeed.