Vans Europe Presents: Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere is the newest team video offer from Vans Germany, Austria & Switzerland. As covid hit in, in 2020, the team decided to go nowhere and stood home in their countries, where they filmed this new clip throughout the year. They mainly visited Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg & Stuttgart and had some of the EMEA team joining on this journey.

Featuring: Kalle Wiehn, Jan Hoffmann, Joscha Aicher, Marco Kada, Willow Voges, Marcel Weber, Daniel Lepori, Tim Rebensdorf, Julian Ruhe, Roland Hirsch, Danny Stephen, Ruben Lücke, Niklas Schaible, Justen Ernst, Paul Zenner, Conny Mirbach, Daniel Spiegel & Manu Mayr

A video by Max Pack

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